Gerard G.

There were three guys who were in a plane crash: an American, a Japanese guy, and a Filipino. Luckily, when the plane went down, they were the only three to make it out of the wreck and onto the raft. Continuing on their lucky streak, the ocean currents brought them to an island, which they later determined to be uninhabited by humans. Not only that, but it was beautiful! Mild climate, lush vegitation, plenty of small game for food, clean, freshwater streams and waterfalls, no real predatory creatures, plenty of beaches, you get the idea... It was a virtual paradise. Well, three months later, as they were all taking a swim at one of the many beaches, the saw something floating in the water, and it turned out to be a lamp! As the story goes, you rub the lamp and out comes a genie. So this they did, and lo and behold! A genie! He said: "I can only grant three wishes. Since there are three of you, I will grant one wish to each of you." The three men were overjoyed at their good fortune. The American said, "Hmm, you know, I really like it here on this island. It's very serene and clean and all that, not like New York. But I do miss the night life back in the big apple, especially my girlfriend... I WISH I WAS BACK IN A NEW YORK IN A BAR WITH A COLD BEER IN ONE HAND AND MY GIRL IN THE OTHER!!!!!" And the genie granted him his wish, and the American dissapeared in a cloud of smoke. The Japanese guy said, "Hmm! Good island! Very nice! Me like, but no family! Miss family! Must go back and be with family! I wish to be in Tokyo with family!" And so the genie granted his wish, and the Japanese guy dissapeared in a cloud of smoke. The Filipino guy said, "Well, I guess I'd go home, but then again I have no family, I've been gone for three months which means that I probably lost my job, and well, Manila is so crowded and polluted and messed up. Maybe I'll just stay here. After all, it is nice here... Nut then i'd get lonely being here by myself... Geee, I wish those two guys were back..."

funniness: 7.04

rating: G