Tyce F.

(Remember the Aussie accent) The radio show was Queensland FM The host was Jim The phone-in competition was give us a word that's not in the Oxford English Dictionary and make a sentence with it Prize is a fortnight for two in Los Angeles, USA! Jim: Hi what's your name and word please ? Caller: This is Bob from the Bush and my word is gaan. Jim: Thanks Bob, hang on a mo while we check in the dictionary. It's not there, so for two weeks in L.A, make a sentence: Caller: Gaan fuck yourself Jim immediately hangs up and says "Ladies and gents, this is a family show so no more dirty calls please There are many more calls. 45 minutes and as many unsuccessful contestants later.... Jim: Hi, this is Jim at QFM what's your name and word ? Caller: This is Steve from Perth and my word is smee Jim: Thanks Steve, just checking and yes smee doesn't appear in the OED so lets have your sentence Caller: Smee again, gaan fuck yourself !!!

funniness: 6.64

rating: R