frank m.

There was this body builder (a girl) who got pregnant. So when she was in labor, the doctor helping her told her to push as hard as she could. Well being a body builder, she flexed all of her muscles at once and pushed as hard as she could. The baby dhoots out like a rocket, knocking the doctor over, and then splattting against the far wall. "Damn," she says,"I'll have to try this again later." The doctor gets up and says to himself, "What the hell just happened?" Nine months later, the same body builder comes back pregnant again and gets the same doctor. The doctor tells her that he is going to call in a "professional" and he would be right back. Five minutes later, he comes back with a professional baseball catcher, in full pads, and puts him right "in the line of fire." As the catcher took his stance, the doctor ran out of the way. From a distance, she heard the doctor say to push and push she did again. This time when the baby shot out, it completely leveled the catcher and again splatted against the wall. "Damn," she says again,"I'll have to try again." The catcher gets up looking kinda dazed, and just like the doctor, says "What the hell just happened?" Well as you have probably guessed, nine months later, the same body builder comes back, and again she is prgnant. This time the doctor calls a pro hockey goalie, but to no avail. The rocket baby just knocked him over as easily as the doctor and the catcher, and he also woke up sometime later in a daze. Well nine months later, our favorite body builder comes back, and guess what? She is pregnant again. Well the doctor, knowing the drill, decided to call his last resource. About five minutes later a pro soccer goalie cames in, and takes his position in the "line of fire." When the doctor told the body builder to "push," the body builder again flexed all of her muscles and, again, the baby shot out like a speeding bullet towards the soccer goalie. As it closed in, the soccer goalie grabbed the baby and broght it in as soft as a feather. The doctor and the body builder, sitting there amazed, got up and cheered. The soccer goalie, with baby in hand, got excited too and as a reflex, gave the baby a good punt across the room.

funniness: 6.96

rating: R