Laxori S.

Yo mama like... A bowling ball: she gets fingered 3 times and thrown in the alley. A carpenter's dream: She's totally flat and never been nailed. The Titanic: No one knows how many men went down on her. A TV set: A three-year-old can turn her on. A lightbulb: You can screw her, and screw her, and screw her... A shotgun: Four cocks and she's loaded. The 7-11: Open 24 hours a day, always hot to go. The 7-11: 86 cents for a slurpie. A hardware store: 25 cents for a screw. A basketball hoop: You get a ball in, 2 points! Monopoly (Game): Fun for the whole family! Bubblegum: 10 cents a chew. A vaccum cleaner: Plug her in and she sucks and sucks and sucks... A blow-drier: You plug her in and she blows and blows and blows... A can of soda: Shake 'er up and she fizzes. Germs: She's all over you all the time.

funniness: 6.29

rating: PG-13