LaLa L.

1. Go with a friend, sit on opposite ends of the restaurant and carry on a conversation. 2. Ask for breakfast at noon. When they say that breakfast is over, fall to the floor, curl in the fetal position and cry like a baby. 3. Ride through the drive-thru on a horse. 4. Get a burger with no pickles, make sure you make it very clear that you do not want pickles. When you start eating the burger, scream, "Where the @#$% are my pickles???" Demand to speak to those cartoon kids. 5. Scream your order (SHOUT LOUDLY) to the poor unsuspecting counter person. 6. Order a gordita. 7. Show up with a group of 100+ people, not calling first. 8. Sing your order opera style when going through the drive-thru. 9. Pretend you are blind, randomly run into people/things. (Don't forget your dog) 10. Dress in your Sunday best, eat like a slob. 11. Order a soda and when they hand it to you, immediately proceed to dump it over you head. Walk out quickly. 12. Place you order, pay, and walk out without taking the food. 13. Pretend you are gay and flirt with the employees. Just watch them squirm. 14. Dump hot coffee on yourself and laugh uncontrollably. 15. Pay for your meal in pennies. 16. Place your order in German. 17. Pay for one #5 meal with a credit card. 18. Make out with your girlfriend/boyfriend in the corner. 19. Ask to speak to Ronald McDonald. 20. Skizophrenia---Need I say more??

funniness: 6.44

rating: PG