lycanthrope t.

What we have learned from cartoons: 1. You will only fall off the cliff, building, ect... if you look down and notice that there is no longer anything but air beneath your feet. 2. When you get wacked on the head you can see little blue birdies or if your really lucky, stars! 3. If a safe falls on your head, don't worry you can just open the door to that safe and walk out. 4. There is only one company : Acme. 5. Dynamite will ALWAYS be bright red and labled. 6. If you need to get to the other side of a wall you can just paint a door and then walk through it. 7. If someone has already done the above, BEWARE, it will not work for you! Can you say pain? 8. You will always know when someone gets an idea by watching for the lightbulb that will apear over their head if this occurs. Note if the person is stupid a candle will replace the lightbulb. 9. You are immortal. No matter how many times a piano, safe, anvil ect... has dropped on your head you will stagger away unharmed. The same goes for falling from high places. 10. The rabbit, roadrunner ect... will ALWAYS win.

funniness: 7.34

rating: G