Stephen M.

The pope was once set to board a private plane at an airport. Word had gotten out on this event, and hordes of people lined up along the runway, hoping the pope would notice them as he was making his way towards the airplane. One such man was very anxious to see the pope, buying a mutli-hundred dollar suit, in hopes that the pope would notice the man and his well-groomed appearance. Unfortunately, as the pope slowly made his way along and as the well-dressed man became more and more nervous, the pope finally passed right by the man, without noticing a thing. Not only that, but the man noticed that the pope had actually taken the effort to stop and talk to a man dressed in ragged clothing! The well-groomed man didn't understand why this happened, but he had an idea. As soon as the pope finished talking to the raggely-clothed man, the well-dressed man walked over the the "bum" and offered that they could swap clothing. The raggedly-clothed man agreed. After a quick change of clothes, the well-grommed man, now dressed in the ragged clothes, dashed to the front of the line as the pope continued to walk his way down. As the pope neared, the man became just as nervous again, but confident that the pope would take the time to stop. Finally, the pope had reached the now-ragged-clothed man. The pope looked the man up and down for a while, then stared in the man's face and said, "I thought I told you if I ever saw your face around here again, I'd make sure you'd regret it for the rest of your life."

funniness: 5.58

rating: G