Piper H.

An elephant was walking through the jungle. He stepped on a thorn and started to cry. "OW, OW! This hurts! Somebody help me!" Just then, a little mouse passed by. "Oh, please, little mouse!" the elephant pleaded. "Please take this thorn out of my foot! It really hurts!" "No Way!!" cried the mouse. "I know you! You stepped on my brother last week!" "I'm sorry about that! Just, please! Help me! I'll do anything!" cried the elephant. "Anything?" replied the mouse skeptically. "Yes! I promise!" swore the elephant. "Well, okay!" said the mouse. So the mouse pulled the thorn out of the elephant's foot, causing instant relief. "Thank you little mouse!" said the elephant. "What can I do to repay you?" The mouse smiled and said, "Now, you have to let me have my way with you." The elephant was horrified. But, he did promise the mouse he'd do anything, so he reluctantly obliged. So the mouse climbed on top of the elephant and started fucking him as fast as his little mouse body could. Just then, some monkeys were sitting in a tree, watching, disgusted at this mouse fucking an elephant. So they started throwing coconuts at the elephant's head. "Ow!" cried the elephant as the coconuts bashed his tender skull. "That hurts! Stop it!" The mouse kept going and said, "Yeah! Take it all, bitch! Take it all!"

funniness: 6.82

rating: R