Czarina G.

Two men, Billy and Samuel, are sitting in a bar when another man comes in with a plastic bag. He sets the bag down on the counter, calls the bartender over, and gives him the bag. The bartender looks in and pulls out an Indian head. The bartender then walks to the cash register, and pulls out a thousand dollars and hands it to the man with the bag. The two men argue over the next 10 minutes about what the transaction meant. Finally they decide to ask the bartender. The bartender says, "A couple of years ago those dang Indians broke into my house and killed my wife. Since then I just pay any of you folk here who'll bring me an Indian head a thousand dollars." The men get excited and ask, "Will you do this for us?" The bartender shruggs and says, "O' well shure thing little cowboys." So the men decide to head over to a reservation that night. As they crouch on a narrow ledge, they see an Indian riding on a horse not far from where they are. So one of them takes a rock and hits the Indian in the side of the head, knocking the Indian unconscious. The two men quietly make their way over to the Indian, and as one pulls out a hunting knife... "Billy, I think you should see this!" hisses the other man. "What, Samuel, I'm just about to.." "Billy, you really need to see this!" So the man with the knife looks up, and there is a circle of maybe 5,000 heavily armed Indians standing there. Billy stands up and says, "Holy cow, Samuel, we're gonna be RICH!"

funniness: 7.01

rating: PG