michy a.

1. If your clothes are your clothes and OUR clothes are OUR clothes, then start washing your OWN clothes. 2. We can't talk to you whether the T.V. is on or not, because even if it is off, the only response we get back is HUH? 3. The computer is not yours; it is mine, you can't afford a computer. 4. We know you only know how to sleep, so we don't care what you think we like to do, that's why we have friends; not beer buddies. 5. We don't want to know how many women you slept with, cause they didn't exist, haven't you learned yet about fake and reality?, your hand did all the work. 6. We won't ask you what you're thinking, you don't know how to do that, that's what we're here for. 7. We don't want to tell you how many men we slept with either because they were probably better than you anyway. 8. You want us to say what's on our mind ok..fine...I've had better, seen bigger, lasted longer..FEEL BETTER? 9. Bathroom toilet seat up AGAIN?? You don't want us to bitch, clean your mess. 10. I'm glad you admit you're stupid. 11. We won't ask you to go down on us; just don't expect us to down on you then; especially if it's not washed right. 12. If you don't like sports and cars, we hope you don't like Barbies. 13. We're glad you finally think the same way we do about Pamela Anderson; she wouldn't like you anyway. 14. If you don't like our breasts, someone else will. 15. Our men don't need three-somes, if they're not satisfied with a ONE-some, they can have a hand-some. 16. You don't need to ask US what we think about other men because we'll tell you straight out why you should be more like him. 17. We won't try to hook your friend up with our over-weight friend because obviously she believes that size does matter. 18. Let's not talk about Cosmo. 19. We won't be surprised if you don't know what you don't want, we get what we want for us and for you all; if you don't like it, OH WELL. 20. We wont TRY to tell you what we want, we'll tell you anyway. 21. You know you wanted to see Charlie's Angels without a doubt.

funniness: 4.51

rating: R