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A man goes to the doctor's with a swelling on his forehead and the doctor says, "This is a very unusual swelling so I'm going to take a small sample from it and send it away to a laboratory to be analyzed. Come back in two weeks and I'll have the results for you." The man returns two weeks later and it is clearly noticeable that the swelling is bigger. "What is it doc?" asks the man. "I've got your results back. Congratulations Mr. Coleman!" said the smiling doctor as he patted the man on the back, "You're making medical history. You've got a penis growing out of your forehead." "You're pulling my leg," laughed the man. "No I'm not. Within four weeks it'll have grown into a full size penis the same size as the one you've got downstairs," said the doctor. The man gasps, "Can't it be removed doc?" "Too risky I'm afraid," said the doctor, "You see the new penis is connected to the brain and it's removal could result in brain damage or even death." "Are you trying to tell me doc," said the man, becoming increasingly agitated, "That every day when I get up and look in the bathroom mirror for a shave I'm going to see a life size willy looking back at me." "Well, err ... hmm ... not quite," said the doctor hesitantly. "Look," demanded the man, "Give it to me straight. When I get up in the morning and look in the bathroom cabinet mirror WILL I SEE A PENIS LOOKING BACK AT ME OR NOT?" The doctor replied, "No you won't see a penis looking back at you when you look in the mirror ... err ... You won't even be able to see the mirror because you'll have a bloody great ball hanging over each eye!"

funniness: 6.83

rating: R