David A.

One day a boy named Agaf was incredibly horny. He loved the queen. Just one suck of those huge firm tits would make him happy for life. He went to the village elder (wise man) to find out how to cure his quarms. "I need to suck the queen's breasts," Agaf said. "How much are you going to pay me?" the elder asked. "Nothing is free!" "A million pounds," Agaf lied. He was going to get to suck the queen's breasts and then not pay becase once he had sucked them nothing else mattered. "OK," agreed the elder So the elder sneaked into the castle and poured some itching powder into the queen's bra. The itch would last two whole days. When the queen put on her bra a horrible itch ran around her breasts. She was screaming all through the night. The pain was absurd. In the morning the king had had enough of the screaming so the king asked the elder for help. Everything was going according to plan so far! "Elder," the king said. "My wife is in immense pain because she has a pain in her breasts." "I know what to do!" the elder said. "Go to the hut of Agaf. He is the only one wth the magical saliva to cure the itch. You will have to let him suck your wife's breasts for ten minutes and tommorow the pain will have gone." The king wasn't happy about this but he agreed. So Agaf was called up and he sucked them for ten minutes flat, and the itch stopped that night because it only lasted for two days anyway. So then the elder called in Agaf and said, "You got your wish. Now pay me!" "No chance wanker!" Agaf said and walked out. So the elder thought long and hard for a punishment, something that would be bad for Agaf. He thought and thought, until he got it... He would put itching powder in the kings underpants!

funniness: 7.45

rating: R