paige b.

Little Johnny has been having trouble keeping his pets alive. There was the dog who was starved, the cat who Johonny threw off the roof, the fish that was baked in the microwave, the bird who was cooked in the oven, and the snaked that was run over and used as a belt. Little Johnny's father was trying to think of another animal that Little Johnny could have. He asked his buddies, his barber, the grocery man and a police officer to see if they could help with the problem. Unfortunatly, none of them had a clue what to get poor Little Johnny. That is, until he finally asked his wife. She said, "Buy him some crabs, they live a while and they aren't easy to kill." So the next day, Johnny's dad went to EVERY pet store and exotic animal store he could find. When he was about to give up, he went to this man who was standing at the street light he asked the man, " you know where I could get some crabs?" The man replied, "Try that hooker on the corner....that's where I got mine."

funniness: 6.38

rating: R