Anna F.

Things to do at a bus stop 1. Cross out the bus number and write a new number in. 2. Ask people if you can borrow some floss. 3. Bonus if they give you some. 4. Take your boom box and play it loudly, if someone askes you to turn it off, turn it up and pretend like you can't hear them. 5. Lay on the bench so nobody else can sit down. 6. Go tanning on the bench. 7. Ask the bus driver if he could wait while you go use the rest room. 8. Try to ride your bike onto the bus, when you can't, complain that they should have bike ramps on the bus. 9. Leave ransome notes on the bench. 10. Stare at someone, when they stare back say, "Steve, I knew it was you, how's it going?" Keep talking until they get on the bus.

funniness: 5.79

rating: G