Jamie S.

Adam and Eve had just eaten the Forbidden Fruit! Adam looked at Eve, Eve looked at Adam, In the blink of an eye they were at it like rabbits! Afterwards Adam laid back and started to snooze (it's biological girls, honest!). Eve, feeling hot and bothered, went down to the ocean for a refreshing bath. After a while God apeared to Adam, "Hi Adam what's new?" Adam said, "You crafty old goat! No wonder you didn't want us eating that fruit, boy what a time!" Of course God was shocked and annoyed, "You've eaten the fruit and had you way with Eve haven't you? Where is she now?" Adam replied, "Chill out God, she's just gone for a swim in the ocean." God screamed, "Get her out of there, I don't want my fish smelling like that!"

funniness: 6.63

rating: R