Albert P.

One night, a man and woman were getting ready to have sex. At the same time, there were three fleas in the room looking for somewhere to hide. One crawled between the mattress, one crawled up the woman's ass, and the third crawled into her pussy. The man jumped on the bed and the couple began to have sex. During intercourse, the woman silently left a fart. When they were finished, the man came inside her and they went to sleep. The next morning, the three fleas got together. The one that slept between the mattress said, "I was sleeping fine until a big rock landed on me." The flea that slept up the woman's ass said "Yeah? I was sleeping fine until a big gust of wind blew me out on the sheet." The third flea, looking really pissed off, said, "I was sleeping fine 'till some bald headed sonofabitch came along and SPIT on me!"

funniness: 7.25

rating: R