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Australian Thesaurus of Computer Terminology Log on - Make the barbie hotter Log off - Don't add any more wood Monitor - Keeping an eye on the barbie Download - Get the wood off the ute Hard drive - trip home without any cold tinnies Floppy Disc - What you get lifting too much firewood at once Backup - How you get the ute out of the shed Keyboard - where you hang the ute keys Windows - What you shut when there's a dust storm Screen - What you shut when there are blowies or mozzies about RAM - How you get the fence post in Byte - What mozzies do Bit - What mozzies did Megabyte - What Townsville mozzies do Chip - Accompanies fish Microchip - What's left in the bag after you have eaten the chips Modem - What you do to the lawns Cable - The thing wound around the winch on the front of the ute Dot Matrix - Old Don Matrix's wife Laptop - Where the cat sleeps Hardware - Real stainless steel knives and forks from K Mart Software - Plastic knives and forks you get at Red Rooster Mouse - What eats the grain in the shed Mainframe - What holds the shed up Web - What spiders make Web Site - The shed or under the veranda Cursor - The old bloke who swears a lot Search Engine - What you do when the ute won't go Yahoo - What you say when the ute does go Upgrade - A steep hill Server - The person at the pub who brings out the counter lunch User - The neighbour who keeps borrowing the lawn mower Network - When you have to repair your fishing net Internet - Complicated fish net repair method Netscape - When fish manoeuvres out of reach of net Online - When you get the washing hung out Offline - When the pegs don't hold the washing up

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