Funloving C.

A married man and a young woman had been carrying on an affair for quite some time, and the young woman (whose name was Ronda) was starting to get restless - her lover kept promising he would leave his wife and move out, but it never happened. Their relationship was unsatisfactory to her, as he would arrive at her house without any notice, often when she was in the middle of a facial, with one eyebrow plucked and unshaved legs, and whenever they got excited he would freak out if he thought she would give him a love bite, exclaiming "Don't mark me!". Anyway, in the end he finally left his wife, and moved out. Ronda was so happy. That is, until he dumped her, and then moved in with a woman even younger than her! Shortly after that her ex and his new girlfriend moved in together, into the apartment that he had always promised Ronda, in the building right across from Ronda's best friend. By this time, Ronda was understandably pissed off, and so she and her best friend started to plot how Ronda could get revenge on her ex-lover. After a couple of days, Ronda came up with the perfect plan. The next day, she and her best friend went over to her ex-boyfriend's building, and when he came out of his apartment for a minute, Ronda's best friend distracted him by getting him into an argument about what a jerk he was for dumping Ronda. Meanwhile, Ronda slipped into her ex-boyfriend's apartment and swiftly took down the curtain rail in the bedroom, took off one of the stoppers, filled it full of shrimps, and then replaced the stopper and the rail. Then she slipped out of his apartment, and went home. A few days later, Ronda's best friend called her up and told her to come over. When Ronda got there, her friend told her to look out of the window. In her ex-boyfriend's apartment, she could see him and his girlfriend rooting through the whole house looking for the source of the smell. After that, Ronda kept an eye on his apartment for a few weeks, and saw the couple fighting, then the girlfriend moving into a different room, and then eventually saw her move out. Ronda had sought her revenge, and was satisfied. However, what Ronda didn't know, was that her revenge wasn't quite finished yet. A week later, Ronda's best friend called her up again, and told her to come and look out the window for the last time. When Ronda got there, she saw her ex-lover packing his bags and moving out. Ronda and her friend were over the moon, but the real finishing touch was when he was finally leaving the apartment. He took the curtain rail.

funniness: 6.40

rating: PG