Nick M.

"What does this golf ball do?" Frank asked the manager of the golf shop. "This golf ball magnetically attracts to all sorts of holes. It depends on what direction you hit the ball in. If it goes straight towards the hole, it will go into the hole" the manager replied. "I'll buy it." Frank bought this rather strange golf ball and walked out to the golf course, where his friend Bill, was waiting for him. The first hole was a Par 3, so Frank had a good chance of getting a hole-in-one on this hole. After Bill had played his first shot, Frank stuck the tee into the ground and placed his magnetic golf ball on top of it. When he was set, Frank hit the ball straight towards the hole and got a hole-in-one. "You can't ask for a better start than that Frank", said Bill. Frank smiled. For the next sixteen holes, Frank's weird golf ball found holes to go into after every shot. However, most of these holes that the ball went into were either a bunker or the hole itself. There was one occasion though, when the ball went into one of the pockets in Bill's pants, but this doesn't compare with what happened on the eighteenth hole. Bill had already played his first shot on the eighteenth, and Frank was about to play his. The eighteenth hole had a large hill in which the ball had to be hit over. The hole and pin could not be seen from where Frank and Bill were. Since this hole is a Par 3, Frank could get another hole-in-one. When Frank was set he hit the ball, and to his disappointment he hooked it to the left. A few seconds later, a loud noise could be heard "Aaaaaaaargh!!!!" Frank and Bill had no idea where the noise came from, so they both walked over the hill to look for their balls. Bill found his ball straight away, but Frank was having great difficulty in finding his ball. Frank had spent about twenty minutes trying to find his ball, when he decided to give up and use another ball. "I'll use another ball for my second shot Bill, but first I need to go to the toilet". Frank walked over to the public toilets, which was about twenty meters to the left of the eighteenth green. When Frank walked into the public toilets he heard a voice, "Is there anyone there?" "Yes there is," replied Frank, as he walked towards the cubicle at the far end. When he got to the cubicle door, which was open, Frank asked the man, "What do you want?" "I need a doctor," came the reply. "Why do you need a doctor?" Frank asked curiously. After Frank asked this question, the man in the cubicle did something strange. He stood up, turned around and flashed his naked backside at Frank, who suddenly became worried, "Holy shit!!!!" "What is it?" said the man in the cubicle. "You wouldn't believe what's stuck up there!!" Frank said. "What is?" "My fucking golf ball, that's what!!!!"

funniness: 5.49

rating: R