Amanda Q.

10. Be very wary of seniors (unless you are one), either that or casually tell your parents how you just happened to fall out the bus window.... 9. When a teacher asks, "Would you please demonstrate something?" Always, always, ALWAYS, find out what that something is! 8. Never let on that you still watch Spiderman (old episodes now airing on FoxKids... to those interested), you'll have no social life. 7. Give the Freshmen a break! It will look better on college applications (Warning: May totally damage your social career). 6. Avoid running down the halls singing songs like, "I'm A Survivor" & "I Will Survive", trust me, you won't make it. 5. THERE IS NO WAY POSSIBLE TO SURVIVE HIGH SCHOOL! 4. Do your homework, study hard... you know, screw that! That's the easy road! 3. Keep Dad's phone number handy... you'll never know when you'll get in another fist fight. 2. Pray, pray, pray, pray, that you survive (one of the few things possible). 1. Forget high school! Running away to the circus is the ONLY ANSWER! If none of the first 9 have worked, number 1 may be most effective.

funniness: 4.89

rating: G