virtual v.

A mute guy is walking down the street and he meets his mute friend who suddenly starts speaking to him. Amazed, the mute guy signals his talking friend asking how was he able to talk. His friend happily tells him that he went to a doctor who healed him in only 27 days. The mute guy asks for directions and runs to the doctor to get healed. He runs in and signals the doctor that he wants to be able to speak. The doctor says, "Okay, you will learn in 27 days but you must pay $2000 in advance." The guy gives him his credit card without any hesitation. Then the doctor says, "Drop your pants." The guy gets undressed. The doctor then says, "Now, bend over." The guy, reluctant to the doctors command, signals, "NO!" and starts to get dressed. The doctor says, "Well, I guess you won't learn how to speak then." The mute guy pauses and decides to accept, dropping his pants and bending over. The doctor walks behind him towards the end on the room, grabs a broom and runs back at him jamming the broom up the guys ass. The guy screams, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!" Then the doctor says, "Good! Come back tomorrow and I'll show you the letter B."

funniness: 7.25

rating: R