Nate D.

A police officer was driving his patrol car down next to a beach when he noticed a man knee deep in the water holding two red things, he wasn't sure what they were. The officer made his way down the sand to meet the man standing in the water. As he approached he noticed that the two red things were lobsters. The officer said to the man, "It's illegal to be poaching for lobsters, you know". "What are you talking about?" he said startled, "these are my pet lobsters". "Sure they are!" replied the policeman. "No, I'm serious. I will throw them into the waves and call them back. They will come". "This I have to see!" Chuckled the officer. So the man launched the two lobsters back into the ocean and stood there watching them. "I thought you said you could call those two lobsters back," said the cop. "Lobsters?" replied the man, "what lobsters?"

funniness: 7.29

rating: PG