Julie S.

There was a little girl named Julie, she was very forgetful and lost a lot of stuff. One year she lost a library book and her mommy had to pay for it. When she got home from the library she told Julie, "You lost a book and I had to pay for it now you need to finds the book she could get her money back. So very reluctantly Julie handed the payment forward. Two weeks later Julie found her book and ran to her mommy. "Mommy I found my book I get my money back" Her mom said "O.K but first I want to ask you a few questions to see if you learned a lesson, now what did you learn from this?" "I learned that you have to keep track of your stuff and always give your books back." "Very good Julie, now how long will you remember this?" "Until I get my money back!"

funniness: 6.16

rating: G