Cire O.

A little boy and his dad are out walking one day when the little boy asks, "Dad, can I get a girlfriend?" The dad says, "When your older." 5 years pass and the boy is 8 years old and he asks his dad, "Dad can I get a girlfriend now?" The dad replies, "When you're older." 5 more years pass and the boy is 13. He asks his dad, "Dad, can I get a girl friend NOW?" The dad finally says, "When you're 18." When the boy reaches 18 he goes out and gets the fittest blonde haired bird there is and brings her home. She takes him to his bedroom and starts taking her clothes off! In a panic, the boy rushes downstairs and says, "Dad, the girl is taking her clothes off and getting into my bed!" The father, exited, tells him, "Stick you biggest, hariest thing in her pussy!" The boy rushes up stairs and a few minutes later the father hears his son shout, "Dad, my head is stuck!!!"

funniness: 7.14

rating: R