Robbie W.

One day a businessman is driving through the country and sees a shepherd overlooking his flock. Curiosity starts to her the best of him so he pulls his car over, gets out, and goes over the shepherd to ask him a question. "Excuse me" said the businessman; "I have a question for you". "Yep, what is it?" The shepherd replies. The businessman proceeded, "I've heard tales and I was wondering, do you all really have sex with your sheep?" "Shit ya we do" the shepherd replied, "we do it all the time." The business man said "So how do you do it?" Shepherd says, "You go down there behind the sheep, put one hoof in one boot, and the other hoof in your other boot, lift the tail and go to town." "Really? What's it like?" said the businessman. The shepherd said, "Enough of all the talk go on down there and get you one." Businessman replied, "No. I know your saying that just so you can laugh at me." "No, I promise I won't laugh," said the shepherd "As I said, we do it all the time." So the businessman thought for a second and decided to go for it. He went up behind a sheep, put one hoof in one boot and the other in the other boot lifted the tail and began his sexual encounter with his sheep. Just then he looks over his shoulder and sees the shepherd up on the hill, rolling around, laughing his ass off. The businessman can't even finish, so he pulls out, zips up and goes up the hill to find out what the hells going on. He gets to the top of the hill and still sees the shepherd in hysteria so he yells, "you asshole you promised you wouldn't laugh at me." And the shepherd says, " I wasn't goin' to, but you picked Mildred, and she's the ugliest fuckin' sheep I got."

funniness: 7.22

rating: R