Arica D.

One day, two old men decide that they need some action in their life. So they decide to go to a whore house to get some. The head lady of the whore house sees them coming. "Uh oh. Here come two old ones." she says. "I'm not giving them any of my girls." She calls one of her girls and tells her to fix two rooms, and put blow up dolls in the rooms and turn out the lights. The men walk up to the counter and place $300 each on the counter. "Gives us some good ones" laughs the first man. "You're in luck tonight gentlemen." Says the owner. "We have a moonlight special, but you have to keep the lights out." The men agree and go to their rooms to do their thing. The next day, the men meet up in the park to discuss their night. "How was it?" the first man asked the second man. "It was pretty good, she was pretty quiet though. But she kept making little sqeaky noises. How was yours?" The second man replies, "I don't know. I think mine was a witch." "Why?" asks the first man. "Well," said he second man. "I bit her titi and she farted and flew out the window!"

funniness: 7.36

rating: PG