Miapol M.

12. You are labeled things like garage, temple, cunt, hole of pleasure...etc. 11. You are covered in fur. 10. No matter where you are, vibrations make you get off. 9. You bleed for a week once a month. 8. You have to wear a nappy for the week. 7. You look like a heaps of slices of ham thrown together. 6. You smell of decaying fish. 5. You get ripped during childbirth. 4. You get fingers, toothbrushes, carrots, tongues etc. going up you. 3. When you get excited you become all slimy with goo. 2. It is the only reason women get guys. And the Number 1 reason why it is Bad to be a Vagina: 1. Try living with periods, pain, and fish smell all of your life.

funniness: 5.84

rating: R