doodlebug t.

This guy is at a dance and spots a really great looking girl at the next table facing him. So he walks over to her and asks if she would like to dance. She said, "I don't dance." He then takes her by the hand to lift her up when he notices she was in a wheelchair. Feeling terrible he apologizes and says, "Allow me to take you on a date to make up for what I have done." She agrees to the next Saturday night. He arrives to pick her up and meets her father, who is about 6'6 and 260lbs who informs him to be good to his little girl. They go to a drive-in and see a R rated movie and the guy gets pretty worked up but her being the way she was he does nothing except a lot of kissing. On the way home she says she was surprised that he has not tried anything, and that she was horny as hell. He asks, "What can we do with the way you are?" She replies, "Stop at the big oak tree on the way home and They stop and she says, "Carry me over to the tree." He does and finds two ropes hanging down with loops in the bottoms. She says, "Put each one of my legs in the rope and we can get started." He does and they are there for about two hours before he takes her home. On the way home she says, "I just have to tell my dad about what a great time I had tonight and what a great lover you are!" He pleads for her not to and thinks he can get her to the door and be gone before she can do so. When they arrive at the door her dad opens it when they walk up. She tells him as soon as the door is opened and the father grabs the guy by the arm and says, "I want to shake your hand, because they usually leave her hanging in the tree and I have to go get her down."

funniness: 7.33

rating: R