Brent S.

A midget who had a very bad lisp won a rather large sum of money in a lottery and decided to invest his money in Thoroughbred horses. After reading the best horse breeders were in Kentucky, he flew down to look at some prospective mares. He contacted the first breeder and was interested in one mare in particular. He didn't really know what to look for in a horse, so he decided to try and bluff his way through it. "May I thee her teef?" the midget with the lisp asked. The horse breeder saw he was too short to see for himself so he lifted the midget up and the midget opened up the horse's mouth and looked inside at the horse's teeth. The horse owner then let him back down to the ground. "May I thee her eye-ths?" the midget asked again. The owner once again lifted him up the midget looked into the horse's eyes and the owner returned him to the ground again. "May I thee her ear-ths? the midget asked yet again. With considerable effort, the horse breeder sighed and lifted the lisping midget up to the horse's ears to inspect them. "May I thee her twat?" the lisping midget asked once again. By this time the breeder was really getting tired of lifting shorty up, so he lifted the midget up, raised the horses tail and smashes the midget's face into the horse's vagina. "Here take a GOOD look!" the horse owner says and drops the midget to the ground. Spitting profusely, the lisping midget replies, "Perhapths I thould rephrase that. May I thee her gallop?"

funniness: 7.11

rating: R