Rouge w.

An old lady is boarding a plane with her dog in a cage to go to isreal. The plane attendant says, "I am sorry ma'am, you can't bring that dog on the plane it will have to go with the cargo." She tries to explain to the man that the dog won't bark becase...and she is rudely interupted by the attendant saying "I am sorry, no exceptions." So she does what he says, and she arives in Isreal. The people are unpacking the cargo to find that the dog is dead. They search all over town for an identical dog. after about 3 hours of waiting, the man brings out this women's dog, barking and hollering. The women says, "sir, this isn't my dog." The man goes "of course it is it looks exactly like it." The women goes, "no sir my dog was dead I was coming to isreal to bury it."

funniness: 6.38

rating: PG