Mulan S.

There was a girl who had very bad speech impairment. Her mother worked out a system where the girl could help with errands. Her mother would give her a note to take down to the local market, she would give it to a cashier who would give what she needed. This system was working great until one day. She came home from school and was yelling, "I'M AM NOH THUPID, I'M AM NOH THUPID, I'M AM NOH THUPID!" Which translates to I am not stupid. Her mother tried to comfort her, "No Sue, you're not stupid. You're special. Special to me and special to everyone." The little girl, still upset, said "Fuh fuh!" or as we say, fine. Her mother said, "Are you better now?" the little girl nodded. Her mother handed her a note and asked her to go to the market to get dinner. The girl got upset again and screamed, "IM AM NOH THUPID!!" On the way there she said to herself, "I am not stupid," and tore up the note and ran the rest of the way to the market. When she got there the cashier said, "Hello there Sue, can I have the note from your mother." With this he got a response which he didn't understand, "No no, no noth, we wanna pive bound maharole!" which means, "No note. No note. We want a five pound macaroni." The cashier said, "Go home Sue and get the note from your mom then come back, ok?" At this she stormed out to think of something. A few minuets later she came back in. The cashier said, "Do you have the note?" "No, noh," said Sue. At this point she picked up her dress and pulled down her panties. The cashier said out loud, "HOLY MACOROLE!" Sue then yelled out, "Pive pound. Pive pound."

funniness: 5.96

rating: PG