Thorn M.

It was the 4th of July and Marie was setting the table in the backyard for the annual bar-b-q. As she set down the coleslaw she realized that her husband, Ronnie, was not present. Since he was a fireman and his job was crucial to the well being of people she assured herself that there was a fire somewhere and that he was tending to it. An hour into the party Bob, John, and Lewis arrived. Since they were all co-workers and friends with Ron she thought that they would know where he would be. "Where is Ron?" Marie asked. "Well knowing Ron he's probably in Fire, lucky bastard!" answered John. "I've been in Fire before, if you get deep enough Fire gets wet," said Lewis with a wicked grin. "We've all been in Fire before, that's why Fire is there," added Bob. Marie decided that her husband was working and that his friends were drunk. "Wet fire?" thought Marie, "They've been drinking." Half an hour later Ron arrived quite happy and sociable. "'Ey buddy! Where's Fire?!" yelled Bob obnoxiously as he and the others laughed. "She's at rest," answered Ron with a smile. Marie couldn't believe her ears. "She? He must've meant it's at rest." Marie kept telling herself that until an extremely voluptuous blonde wearing a green, string bikini top and tight, denim short-shorts showed up. As Marie realized she didn't know who this could-be-model was she walked up to her and said, "Hi, I'm Marie, Ron's wife; who are you?" As the blonde adjusted her top to keep her twin 44dds from falling out she replied with a luminous smile, "My name is Fire."

funniness: 5.26

rating: R