Lion K.

In India, it is customary that a girl is a virgin until her first marriage night. In order to enquire of his fiance's character, a man comes up with a plan. He takes her for a ride. On the way, he unzips his pants and asks, "Darling, do you wanna see my wee-wee?" She is embarrassed and replies in the negative. Again when they are alone, he unzips his pants and asks her, "Honey, do you wanna see my wee-wee?" She refuses. This goes on for a few more times until the man is convinced of her virginity. They get married and have their first sexual encounter. The man undresses and takes out his organ. The wife gets excited, "So this is your wee-wee!" The husband smiles and says, "Honey, now you may call it a COCK." The girl answers sweetly, "No, this is a wee-wee. A cock is long and thick and black."

funniness: 7.21

rating: R