hottie g.

A farmer who hired a man to help him with work around the farm. The first day the farmer told the man to mow the lawn. While he was mowing the lawn he saw a cat in the middle of the lawn. He kicked the cat but it wouldn't move. He kicked it three more times and it still wouldn't move. So he ran over the cat with the lawn mower. The farmer was not happy when he heard what happened. The next day the man told him to nail up his fence. While he was nailing it he found a rooster sitting on it. He pushed the rooster four times but it wouldn't move. So he nailed it to the fence. When the farmer got the story, he was very mad and warned the hired man that he has just can not screw up again. The next day the man told him to paint his fence red. He found a donky laying by the fence, covering the botom part of it. He kicked the donkey four times but he wouldn't move. So he painted over it. By this time the farmer was furious. He took the man to court. When the judge asked what happened, the farmer complained, "This man is crazy! He ran over my wife's pussy with his mower. He nailed my cock to the fence. And he painted my ass red!"

funniness: 7.30

rating: PG