monica p.

John, trying to raise funds for his church's new youth center, decides to call Mr. Miller, the richest guy in town. He is also known as the stingest guy in town, but John thinks he might be able to persuade him. John enthusiactically expalins the benefits how it will help the town and youth, etc, etc..and will he help support the effort. Mr. Miller says, "Did you know that I have a sickly mother who has no way to support herself and pay her medical bills?" John sheepishly replyed that he didn't. Mr. Miller again says, "Did you know that I also have a sister who husband left her and the three kids with no means of support and a brother who is disabled with a family to support?" John, embarrassed at this point, says he had no idea. Then Mr. Miller says, "Well, I don't support them so why would I support you!"

funniness: 6.43

rating: G