Llorna H.

I made these up myself and I plan to test them out! 1. "See" a shark in the wave pool and start screaming. 2. Hesitate as long as you can before going down a waterslide like your scared. 3. Do the above at the little kids slide. 4. Take over the little ship in the kiddie pool. 5. Get cramps and "drown" in the kiddie pool. 6. Try to surf in the wave pool. 7. Persuade the lifeguard to let you go down the waterslide backwards. 8. Pretend to fall asleep while sitting down, before going down a slide. 9. Try to get back up the slide once you've gon down. 10. Grab peoples ankles in the wavepool. 11. Name your innertube. 12. Tell your inner tube what's coming next(example: "Ron, there's a sharp turn ahead"). 13. Try to negotiate the price of getting in. 14. Steal peoples towels and stuff. 15. Fall out of your innertube and try to climb into somebody else's. 16. In line, pinch the person in front of you and when they turn around, point to someone at the front of the line and say, "They did it!" 17. Ask people to be your friend. 18. If they say no, cry and run away. 19. If they say yes, cut in front of them. If they protest, say, "But I thought we were friends!" 20. Skinnydip!!!!!

funniness: 6.60

rating: PG