Blitz K.

In the future, when space travel is very advanced, a lady goes on a trip to Pluto. When she gets there the male aliens look just like male humans. However, the female aliens have one foot wide mouths and heads that are 3 1/4 feet long. She stays on Pluto for a long time, and gets a strong urge to have sex. She finds an alien willing to screw her, so they grow into an empty room and strip. She's terribly dissappointed to find he has an incredibly tiny dick. "It's okay," says the alien. "Tell me how thick and how long you want it. Then I'll stick my finger in my belly button and it will grow to that size." "As thick as you can make it and as long as you can make it," she says as she watches in awe as his penis grows 1 foot wide and three feet long. "Oh no!" the lady exclaims "that will never be able to fit in my pussy!" "Don't worry," the alien reassures her. "This may hurt a bit, but I can make your pussy bigger!" After she agrees, he hits the bottom of his hand between her breasts and her pussy grows to the adequate size, and the two begin to have passionate sex. When they are over, the lady begins to get worried about the size of her pussy and asks the alien how to make it go back to its original size. The alien says there is only one solution, and that it must be done to make her pussy normal size. The alien smiles and says, "Give me a blowjob."

funniness: 7.03

rating: R