Brian B.

One day, Pastor Fuzz is walking down the street, when he passes by the local pub and sees a church employee inside drinking. He thinks this is a sinful thing to do, so he goes inside to stop her. He walks right up to her and says, "You shouldn't be drinking in some nasty bar, Ms. Fitzgerald. Let me take you home." She says, "Okay" in a sort of slurred voice, obviously having a little too much to drink. So Pastor Fuzz takes her hand and is taking her out of the bar, when they loose balance and land on top of each other, her skirt lifts up. The barkeep yells, "Hey! No carrying on like that in here!" The Pastor says, "You don't understand! I'm Pastor Fuzz!" and the barkeep says, "Since you're that far, you might as well finish what you started!"

funniness: 6.40

rating: R