The D.

A woman who stayed at home while her husband worked decided she needed something to spice up her life, so she went to the pet shop. She asked the man who worked there if he had any unusual pets. "I don't want the same old boring pets that everyone has," she said, explaining. "You're in luck!" he replied. "I have just the thing. It's called a Chomperbird." He took her to a corner of the shop and an ordinary looking bird sat in a cage. "Now let me show you what this guy can do," he said as he took the bird out. "Chomperbird! The fishbowl!" chompchompchomp, the bird ate up a nearby fishbowl. "Oh, it's wonderful!" exclaimed the woman. She took it home and began to use her new pet. "Chomperbird, the sofa!" chompchompchomp, it ate it up. "Chomperbird! The table!" chompchompchomp. "Chomperbird! the recliner!" chompchompchomp. When her husband got home he stood aghast at all the missing furniture. "What happened here?!" he yelled. "Oh, honey! Don't worry, it's just from our new pet, the Chomperbird." He gave a sarcastic laugh, "Yeah, Chomperbird my BUTT!" chompchompchomp.

funniness: 5.97

rating: R