Adam K.

1. Follow somebody around for hours and then ask them to stop following you. 2. Go to a public drinking fountain and offer to hold down the button. Then press it down halfway and when the person leans forward press it down all the way to soak their face. 3. Viciously attack a stop sign with a newspaper. 4. Steal manhole covers and run around with them. 5. Throw water balloons at people in office buildings from the street. 6. Run at top speed by some people yelling, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO." 7. Put a box with an alarm clock in it down and run away. 8. Set up a tent and do scout things, such as trying to start fires with rocks. 9. Fall down and when somebody tries to help you up scream, "get away from me!". 10. Walk around with a baseball bat and ask people," you talkin' to me?" 11. Carry around bags of sugar and walk up to people and say, "Hi my name is Bob and I'm running for governer." Give them the bag and run away saying, "vote for me!" 12. Roll a tennis ball and run after it crying. 13. Fall down, clutch your knees and roll. 14. Tell people that the blue light is back. 15. Walk up to a stranger and ask them if the Force is with them.

funniness: 7.09

rating: PG