Lance C.

Little Johnny's teacher asks the class if anyone can use the word "beautiful" in a sentence. Little Johnny starts waving his hand in the air immediately. The teacher calls on little Mary. Little Mary says, "The sunset last night was beautiful." "Wonderful", says the teacher. Next she calls on little Susie. Little Susie says, "There are some beautiful flowers in front of the school." "Terrific, little Susie", says the teacher. Finally she calls on Johnny. Little Johnny says, "My sister's got beautiful tits!" "Johnny!!!", says the teacher in shock. "You can' could you...that's not the sort of have to be punished! Tonight you have to think up a sentence using the word "beautiful" in it twice and tomorrow morning you'll tell it to the whole class." The next morning she makes Johnny come up to the front of the class to recite his sentence. Little Johnny says, "Last night my sister told daddy she was pregnant and daddy said, "Beautiful, just fuckin' beautiful.""

funniness: 7.43

rating: R