Mark M.

Q. A black and a Puerto Rican are in the same car, who's driving? A. The Policeman Q. What do you call a Greek girl who keeps running away from home? A. A virgin. Q. What do Orientals use Dental Floss for? A. Blindfolds. Q. Hear about the library that burnt down in Paris? A. Destroyed their entire collection and they hadn't even finished colouring in the second one! Q. Why don't they teach driver's education and sex education on the same day in Iraq? A. They don't want to wear out the camel. Q. Who won the Belgian beauty contest? A. Nobody. Q. Why do Italian men have mustaches? A. So they can look like their mothers. Q: What do you call a blonde with 2 brain cells? A: Pregnant. Q: Why don't blondes in San Francisco wear short black mini skirts? A: Cause their balls show! Q. British General addressing Australian troops: Did you come here to die? A. No mate, we came here yester-die.

funniness: 6.38

rating: PG