Daria C.

One day I was wating for my train at a train station. All of the sudden I had a real urge to take a crap. So, I was about to go to the bathroom when the train came. On the train I sat next to a really hot guy. He started talking to me so I didn't go to the bathroom. Then he invited me to go over his house. I had to say yes. Once inside his house I gasped, it was HUGE! Then he said he had to change. Finally, I had a chance to go crap. I looked and looked for a bathroom but I couldn't find it. Then I turned around and saw that there was a bathroom about 10 feet away! I felt so week but I walked and walked to bathroom. When I was 3 feet away from it I saw a dog. It was a big dalmatian showing off it's fangs. I could't reach the bathroom, so I had to thing of another idea. That's when I got the perfect idea! I decided to crap on the floor and the guy would think the dog did it. So that's exactly what I did. 2 minutes later the guy came back. He asked me what smelled. I said that I didn't know (although I did) So we looked around to see what smelled. We passed the hallway that the dog was by. So I said "Look! Your dog pooped! That's what smells!" He looked at me strangely. "That can't be!" "Why?" I asked. "That's a stuffed animal..." he replied.

funniness: 6.83

rating: PG