Danielle S.

A women went into a bar one day to meet new people, and get a little drunk. She was having a good time dancing, when she felt the need for another drink. She went up to the bar tendor, and asked him for Sex on the beach. So he took her out to a nearby lake and stipped her clothes off, along with his, fingered her, as she moaned OOOHHHH, then when her pussy was good and wet he whipped out his penis and slowly stuck his head in....inch by inch it went in....as she moaned OOOHHH AHHHH, EHHH, orgasm by orgasm, the best ones she has ever had. And he pounded away for a long time, about 7 orgasms worth! And when he slowly withdrawed his penis he panted with exhaustion, she said, "Why did you do that?" he replied, "You asked for Sex on the beach." There was a long pause and then she said, "I just wanted the drink!!"

funniness: 6.42

rating: R