Luka D.

The king of a very powerful country wanted a new taste sensation, so he said he would give anyone who brought in great new food half of his kingdom. One day a peasant came in, bringing little black things. "Mmm, they're delicious!" said the king. "What are they?" "Raisins, sir," replies the peasant. "Tell you what, you can have half of my kingdom if you bring these to me for two years." That worked out quite nicely for a year and a half until one day he brought in something else. "What are these?" asked the king. "Peaches, sir," said the peasant. "They're very good, but why didn't you bring me raisins like I ordered you?" "Well, you see sir, my rabbit died. He cannot make any more raisins."

funniness: 5.42

rating: G