Dara P.

A man walks into the Dollar Tree store and starts looking around. He picks up a cup and walks up to the sales clerk and asks how much it is. "That cup, sir, is $1. This is the dollar store." The man walks back to look some more. A few minutes later he goes up to the clerk, "How much is this towel?" The clerk, a little annoyed, says "It's a dollar!!" A few minutes later, the man goes up to the clerk once more and asks how much is a bottle of shampoo. The clerks raises his voice, "EVERYTHING IS A DOLLAAAARRRRR!!!" The man comes back the next day with a whole bunch of his friends and the same clerk was there. The clerk was a little scared. He thought that was his gang and they were going beat him up for yelling at the man. But they all grabbed carts and filled them up with EVERYTHING in the store. The man leaves the store with his friends and all the stuff in the store and says, "Everything's a dollar, man, whatta great deal!" and leaves a dollar on the counter.

funniness: 6.12

rating: G