Caity S.

One day in the garden of Eden, Adam said, "God, I am lonely." So God said, "Adam, I will create for you a woman." "What's a woman?" asked Adam. "She is a beautiful creature with whom you can love and have a family," God replied. He sent down Eve and told Adam and her to go off and fall in love. A little while later, Adam came back to God. "God? How do I fall in love with Eve?" he asked. "Spend lots of time with her," said God. Adam came back the next day and asked, "God? How do I tell Eve I love her?" "Kiss her," replied God. "What's a kiss?" asked Adam. God explained to Adam what a kiss was and the various ways to do it. So Adam went to Eve and kissed her. A little while later, Adam came back. "God? How do I start a family with Eve? How can I show my love for her more affectionately?" "Have sex with her," was God's response. "What's sex?" asked Adam. God explained everything possible about the birds and bees to Adam and Adam went off. Not so short after, Adam came back. He looked up and asked, "God? What's a headache?"

funniness: 7.40

rating: PG