Rachel W.

An old man in his eighty's or so got up and was putting on his coat, hat, socks, and shoes when his wife ask where he was going. The man replied, "I am going to the doctor to get some of those new Viagra pills." His wife abruptly got out of her rocker and got herself dressed as well. Her husband then huffed, "Well now where are YOU going?" "Oh, Well because you are going to get Viagra pills that can only mean one thing so in that case, she said with a board voice, I guess I will go too." "No your not, I can get there just fine on my own and I don't need you help!" Snapped the man in an aggravated voice. With that, his wife replied in a very dull and blunt voice, "No dear, you've got it all wrong, sense you're going to start using that rusty old thing again, I have no choice but to get a tetanus shot. You didn't honestly think that I gave a rat's ass whether or not you got there safely or not.....Did you?"

funniness: 5.75

rating: R