Maxie d.

Condom Awarness Week Slogans: 1. Before you meet her, wrap your peter. 2. Especially in december, gift wrap your member. 3. For when you meet your venus, cover your penis. 4. Before you date her, cover your tator. 5. When pulling off her pants or blouse, remmeber to pull up the mouse. 6. Before she gets the old "wiz bang", remember what goes on your wang. 7. Event hough you got her thong, always remeber to protect your shlong. 8. So what if she's kinky, don't let her hurt your winky! 9. She's not really a goat, that's what condoms promote. 10.She may not be hot, but make sure we're what you got.

funniness: 5.93

rating: R