This is actually on the books for OSHA. AGREEMENT: We agree that if you are a type of individual whose head meets the Standards of Protection under ANSI Z89.1-1969, you will not be required to wear a hard hat. Any employee who feels they may quilify should contact your foreman or your safety officer to arrange for testing. PROCEDURES: Following the satisfactory completion of the test as described below, the employee will receive a certificate, which will identify your head as conforming to the requirements of American National Standards Institute (ANSI Z89.1-1969, cLASSES A, B, C, and D). A wallet size card will also be issued which must be carried with you at all times, while on the job site as proof that your head is in compliance. TEST REQUIREMENTS * The test object (your head) wil receivea 24 hour water immersion test. The maximum permitted absorption is 0.5 percent by wheight. * The impact test requires that you be placed in a horizontal position with your head upon a steel plate. An eight pound steel ball will be dropped upon your head from a height of 15 feet. (your head) must suffer no damage. * The test object (your head) will be subject to a variety of acids, solvents and oils. After thorough testing with chemicals, it must exhibit no damage or deficiencies. * A propane torch will be used to determine if your head is fire resistant. If it proves to be only "slow burning" you will receive a class A or B rating; however if holes should appear in your head, only a C or D rating will be issued. * The final test will be to determine if your head is capable of withstanding an electrical charge. The head must sustane 2,000 volts AC, 60 Hz for a total of three minutes. The leakage current shall not exceed nine milliamperes. * All of the above tests must be conducted at a variety of temperatures ranging from a minus twenty (-20) to one hundred forty (+140) degrees fahrenheit.

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